Lade Veranstaltungen

NewImages Festival Paris und online

23. September 2020 - 27. September 2020

Taking place at Forum des images and several other iconic locations in the heart of Paris, but also – for the first time in 2020 – partly online and in the virtual world, NewImages Festival is, more than ever, a place for discovering new artistic perspectives and finding talent. Its aims and objectives are still the same: it is designed to spread new techniques and make new forms of creation accessible, enabling everyone to make them their own.

This broad-based and resolutely multifaceted approach to digital creation makes NewImages Festival an unmissable event, with something for everyone. As always, and through the lenses of content and artistic creation Newlmages Festival closely embraces all revolutions that transform and reinvent the art of storytelling. More than that: it goes beyond them.

Yesterday Newlmages Festival was a pioneer in the domain of virtual reality. Today it celebrates XR in all its diversity. What about tomorrow? Tomorrow, other formats will come, formats we may not be able to fathom yet… by proudly claiming this constantly evolving DNA, Newlmages Festival transforms from one edition to another, shaped by different innovations and with the intention to offer each time the best of new forms of narration.