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28. Oktober 2020 - 30. Oktober 2020

The gamesweekberlin PRO X – X stands for experience – is the container for all of our events that are meant for games industry professionals. It includes the QUO VADIS conference, as well as Womenize! Games & Tech and the German Esports Summit. Plus exclusive highlight formats such as the Matchmaking Dinner or the official Opening Ceremony.

QUO VADIS – where are you going? A new time calls for new guiding principles and more new ideas. How do you lead your team remotely? How do you stand out with your project when the whole world is looking for funding? And the evergreens: How do you make the best games possible? How do you know what your players want? How do you give them what they need? With the gamesweekberlin PRO X event QUO VADIS, we virtually embrace the new possibilities of online conferencing. With concentrated workshops. Direct and uncomplicated one-to-one communication with speakers. New live formats for industry and fans on Twitch. A new kind of togetherness.

gamesweekberlin PRO X is the experience for game industry professionals at gamesweekberlin. QUO VADIS game development & business conference marks the core of this field.